How Can I Protect Bathtubs and Showers During Renovations

A common headache during bathroom renovations is keeping tubs and shower pans from getting damaged during the job. Improper protection of bathtubs can cause costly damage that a contractor does not have room for in their budget.

Bathtubs and shower pans come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and materials, which is why it is hard to effectively protect all the different types on a job site. Luckily, though, there are products that are designed to tackle this very problem.

TubWrap is a reusable product that is designed to fit every shape, size and style of bathtub and shower pan. Below, we will discuss why this is your best option to protect tubs and showers during construction and renovations.

Why is it necessary to protect bathtubs during construction?

The bathtub is one of the only finish items that is installed before other items like drywall. Therefore, it is susceptible to damage during construction from things like falling nails that rust, loose tiles, or tools such as hammers. Chipping, scratches, dings, overspray, and other issues like staining or discoloration are examples of the kinds of damage that can happen to tubs during construction.

Studies show that 70% of bathtubs and shower pans are damaged during renovations. The price of this damage is more than just the immediate cost of repairs for the contractor. A contractor’s reputation is the most important aspect of their business and something like this can damage them and encourage negative online reviews.

What materials work best to protect bathtubs and shower pans?

The common way of protecting bathtubs from damage is to tape down cardboard. This is not very effective, however, because it is difficult to completely cover the tub because of their odd shape. Cardboard also offers little protection if something heavy or sharp falls into the tub while work is being done. Another problem with using cardboard is the tape used will not stick to certain materials such as enamel. And finally, you must remove the cardboard to access the drain or to fill the tub in order to check for leaks.

The best way to protect bathtubs and shower pans during renovations is with a prefabricated, reusable product that maximizes protection like Surface Protection International’s TubWrap. TubWrap protects tubs from scratches, dirt, overspray, nicks and dents. It protects all makes, models, styles and sizes of tubs and shower pans that you find in any home.

Here are a few other advantages of TubWrap:

● Helps eliminate repair and replacement costs

● Reduces post-construction cleaning costs

● Reusable

● Protects contractor’s reputation

● Helps contractors realize more profit

Cut costs and job time with TubWrap

Not only does TubWrap cut costs and the time it takes to complete a job, it also helps keep work areas safe and clean. It is easy for an unprotected bathtub to become a trashcan on job sites. TubWrap prevents this from happening because the entire tub is covered, not just the surface.

TubWrap also provides easy access to drains and faucets if it becomes necessary to fill a tub to check for leaks or to use the water source. This cuts down on job time because TubWrap is easily removable and replaceable as needed. TubWrap can even support up to 300 lbs, so workers can stand on it while they finish tiling or installing fixtures or drywall.

Call Surface Protection International 1-866-235-4625 for a free consultation today to see about getting TubWrap for your business. Or, you can visit their website to purchase TubWrap and learn about their other exciting protection products.